Why You Should Start Social Media Now

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Setting up a blog is a process and if you do it right it’s going to take at least a little time. You don’t have to live in a black hole though. If you start social media while you’re creating your blog, you’ll will build awareness and begin to find your audience.

It’s also a fun (and yet still productive) way to take a break from getting your blog up and running.

Possibly you’re already social media savvy with your personal accounts and don’t need the below list at all. But if you’re new to any of these platforms, or to approaching them as a business it’s time to get social.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to be activate on all of these platforms all at once. If you’re on the introverted side or do better when you focus on one or two things (like building a blog) start with one or two social media platforms you’re most comfortable with.


If you’re going to pick just one or two, Pinterest should totally be at the top of your list. Done well, it’s one of the biggest traffic generators for a lot of blogs (including BelleSavvy).

Start by confirming your site (Pinterest has instructions and the Tweak Me v2 theme makes it super easy to add in Appearance >> Theme Settings >> Snippets >> Hooks). Now, create 10 boards that cover the sort of topics your blog will address and the interests your audience shares.

Then start pinning. Pin resources you find helpful while creating your blog. Pin posts to other bloggers who have good information on the relevant topics. Pin pretty pictures.

Pinterest has great scheduling tools available. Tailwind is one of my favorites! As you’re cruising through Pinterest just schedule pins, rather than straight repinning. Tailwind will slot each pin across days and weeks to optimize when they’re repinned to your boards.

I don’t know about you, but I binge social media. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, I’ll spend 15 minutes on one, 5 minutes here and there. Pinning 25 things once a week is MUCH less effective then pinning 5 things a day throughout the week. Surfing Pinterest 10 minutes here or there, a couple of pins at a time, fills up your queue and before you know it, you’re continuity will build up your profile.

There’s a whole lot more to Pinterest, but this is a good (and fun!) way to get started.


Depending on your prime audience, either Facebook or Twitter will be your next biggest avenue for connecting with readers. Facebook is good because a lot of people who aren’t tech savvy use it.

But Facebook has ridiculously dumb algorithms that will show your content to 10% of your followers, if you’re lucky. It’s a double edged sword.

Since you don’t want to use your personal Facebook account, you need to create a Facebook page for your blog. If you don’t know how, Kristie at Blog Ambitions has a simple guide to set up a Facebook page.

Share your new page with your friends and family. Post blog relevant articles or photos through your Facebook page (maybe you want to chronicle getting your blog set up with fun pictures or statuses to start building that audience). And link your Instagram to your Facebook page to crosspost from Instagram.


Twitter has been through some rough spots lately, but for bloggers and the moderately tech savvy it’s still pretty popular. It’s also SUPER easy to get started.

Follow bloggers you like. Follow BelleSavvy, because why not? Post statuses about the process of getting your blog going. Share articles that are relevant to your blog topics so that you establish what your blog is about.


While Instagram is popular, like Facebook it’s a bit dicey. Because you can connect with people. You can share and find some great pictures. But you can’t directly link OUT of Instagram to build diversified awareness of your blog or your posts or any other marketing campaigns.

Cross post

The best way to stay active on several different social media platforms is to cross post.

Link different social media accounts to each other so that what you put on Instagram is also posted to Twitter and Facebook (images are a great way to attract attention and connect with people).
Or what you post on Facebook is also posted on Twitter.

All of this allows you to seem more active with less effort.

Just remember that if you really want to connect with people, logging into the social media platform and reading and commenting on what OTHER PEOPLE post is important. Social media isn’t about saying things or posting things – it’s about engaging which is a two lane highway.


The easiest way for me to do social media is on the go, in the five minutes I have here or there on my phone. So, accessing these accounts on a mobile device is vital to my engagement.

Thankfully, Instagram and Twitter both allow you to log into multiple accounts in their app so you can remain active on your personal account AND your new blog account.

For Pinterest, Tailwind is vital since it allows me to schedule posts for my website and use the Pinterest app for my personal site.

Now that you’re making friends through social media, take some time to customize your blog. Or go define a great brand to match your social media presence.

If you’re not sure where to go next, jump back to the tutorial page to see all eight steps to create a blog you’ll love!

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