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This is more than another blogging tutorial.

There are thousands of tutorials out there and most of them share some basic steps in common (like how to install WordPress). This is a little bit of that, a lot of the steps no one else mentions and a lot of it in significantly different order.

It’s designed to be as extensive as an e-course, completely free, with lots of valuable resources to get a blog started.

If you don’t need the tutorial you can check out our list of resources.

You can go through the steps in the presented order (sequential but not conventional for those of you who like that sort of thing) or choose your own adventure through the process by ignoring the numbers and working on what suits you best at the time.

  1. Identify your Blog Focus – pick a name, and sort out your blogging identity.
  2. Create vital blog accounts – the step no one talks about and yet you can’t manage without.
  3. Here begins your Choose Your Own Adventure

  4. Set up your blog – Start with BlueHost and install WordPress. Activate a few essential plugins and you’ll be ready to rock and roll. If you’re not very technical, don’t be fainthearted. You’ll be a pro before you know it.
  5. Branding – there’s a lot to a blog. Find out why Creative Market might just be your new best friend.
  6. Get Started on Social Media. Hopefully you’ve read through this list before you jumped in. Start connecting with other bloggers, influencers and make new friends even as you go through the previous steps to get your blog up.
  7. Customize your blog. You determine the level of customization you need. We’ve got step-by-step information for simple alterations, more in depth things to consider along with technical, webmaster tools that need to be set up for analytics, security and SEO.
  8. Set Up your Newsletter by creating your first list. A snazzy sign up page. And thank you email.
  9. Start Writing. Pages. Snippets. Posts. We’ve got a checklist for you of the things you’ll need and a logical order to approach them in.
  10. Launch your blog! Now the fun really starts.

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