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Writing content is only part of a successful blog (though, admittedly, a large part). From social media to guest posts and managing new endeavors to expand your blog, keeping organized is vital.

While digital information is great, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to find, or in your phone rather than in your head, or on a dozen pieces of paper scattered throughout the house and in your purse and the car and everywhere else. Good apps make data useful which is what makes it valuable.

Remember the Milk

I’ve always thought the name is a bit and yet it’s one of my favorite organization apps. I spent years letting the name keep me from using, convinced I could manage lists on my own. Even after my best friend recommended it. But then there was this job, at this company with little effort at organization. I researched, I tested and then came around completely. Remember the Milk is a task list app for those of us who like lists (those of you crazy coconuts who don’t can skip to the next app).

I LOVE that you can set due dates because then I don’t have to think of it again until I need to think of it.

You can separate tasks onto different lists. You might want a social media list and a content list. Or have different lists for different categories to create a balance of post topics.

You can also organize tasks by tags. Tags are displayed on all tasks as a handy, colorful identification. Maybe you want to use tags to differentiate Pinterest tasks from post tasks or newsletter tasks. That way you can plan your day and your week to remain productive without a lot of stress.

My favorite feature is SUB-TASKS. So you’ve got a big project, maybe you’re creating a new e-course. You can can keep track of the little pieces. You can set separate due dates and separate tags and still keep them all under the big task. That way you don’t forget all the little steps. And have a good perspective on what’s left to accomplish the big thing. And you know when it’s all done.

The best part of it is that they have a nice clean interface, both Android and iPad and iPhone apps, and a PC app. And Remember the Milk also offers GREAT customer service.


Even the best task lists, however, aren’t a great tool to store information. For that, I love OneNote.

Yes, it’s basically the non-EverNote of the note taking world. But I’ve used both EverNote and OneNote and much prefer OneNote.

I like the tabs and the pages and the way data is organized.

They have a PC app and iPhone and iPad apps as well as an Android app.  I love that I can use my laptop when I need a keyboard and then access that information on my mobile device.

I like the flexibility of how data is organized on the page, in different sections if I want. There’s checklists (with no due date or reminders which is why I still love RTM). But checklists can still be handy for brainstorming post ideas. I can include links and pictures and videos.

In fact, I have an entire page for blog standards. Those pretty color palettes you created for your blog branding? Paste an image of the colors with the hexidecimal codes in OneNote. Along with fonts and filter codes for Canva.

Basically, our entire blog is organized in OneNote.


There’s all sorts of apps that are supposed to store documents and images and let you access them across multiple devices. There’s Google Drive and iCloud and Dropbox. Similar to OneNote, I like the interface for OneDrive best out of all of them. I’ve also found it to be the most reliable, especially if you have an iPhone and a PC.

Photos taken on an iPhone are easily relayed to your PC to edit and upload to your posts or social media. Stock photos can be kept in a single location to use for posts. You can keep back ups of website images in a separate location, just in case.

OneDrive is easily my favorite document and image storage.


Ok, not Pinterest itself but Tailwind and Boardbooster.

I enjoy Pinterest but all of the pins for new content and boards and repinning and everything would be completely overwhelming without Tailwind. I love that I can save a pin for later, giving me time to write a good description with lots of keywords. I let it handle the stress of pinning things at the right time, or repinning something across multiple group boards. I rely on scheduling pins for posts well in advance of their publish date.

Tailwind is more than a scheduling tool, however. The reporting provides insight on which pins are effective and which boards are the most valuable. This enables you to effectively craft your Pinterest strategy going forward with intelligence.

Boardbooster keeps your content fresh. Campaigns allow you to loop older content from the bottom of a board up to the top to share it with new followers. Boardbooster will then analyze which pin is doing better and delete the less effective pin.

All of these tools ill help keep the information and tasks about your blog organized so you can focus crafting a stellar and successful blog.

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