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There’s two sides to blogging: the technical side and your content. I love jumping into the technical stuff – setting up a framework, customizing css and code, organizing layouts and data. Some people can’t wait to start writing posts or uploading pictures. But before you jump into either endeavor you need to define your blog focus.

The first part of focus is what is your blog about. Will it be a lifestyle blog? A food blog? A showcase of your photography or resource of stock photos? Is it an entertainment blog featuring movies and tv? Or a book blog?

If you know what you want to do with your blog, skip to step two.

If not, Ashley at Nose Graze has one of my favorite posts about finding your focus. Definitely check it out and then come back because focus is about more than the subject of your blog.

And it’s more than the name. That comes later. Before you choose a name you want to create the perspective and aesthetic of your brand.

Defining your blog personality

I know, it’s not really a person. But like a company it will be an entity separate from you. With your voice, your ideas and experience. With a brand personality, however, you create a specific perspective on your subject that will strengthen your writing and your social media presence.

Your blog’s personality makes it unique in a sea of blogs.

I worked for Levi’s® for a couple of years and they have a different personality for each of their brands (Levis®, Dockers® and Slates®). They’re all pants. But one is young, sexy and edgy; one is young, successful and professional; and one is mature, professional and casual.

There’s thousands of lifestyle blogs. BelleSavvy is playful, feminine, bright and fun. Our focus is enjoying a healthy life, full of beauty and adventure. The focus is what our blog is about; the personality is the perspective we give that information.

Naming your blog

Once you know your blog focus and personality, play with different names until you find one you love.

Write out a few options. Mix and match word combinations. Use a thesaurus.

  • You want it to be no more than 3-4 words (and short words if you’re using four).
  • It may express your focus (SmartFashionCheap) or your capture your brand personality (MountainMamas).
  • But be careful of spelling. BelleSavvy captures our brand well, and we love it. Wouldn’t change it at all. But I always have to clarify that it’s belle with an E when talking to friends.
  • And it’s best if it’s simple to remember. Most people will reach your blog through links but you want someone to be able to find it if you meet them in the grocery store and tell them your blog name.

When you think you’ve got a name, check out to see if the domain is available as well as major social networks. It’s not vital that your username across social networks matches your domain, but it’s certainly a good thing if you can manage it.

Social Media Consistency

I’m something of an outlier when it comes to consistent social media usernames.

Of course it’s best to have the same name across all social media outlets. If you can.

But how often do you manually type in a username to reach someone’s… twitter page? instagram page? facebook page? find them on pinterest in order to start following them?

More often then not you click a link. From their web page. From their twitter to their pinterest. From a link they post on facebook.

Even when you want to mention them, you’re going to get autofill options that display their profile picture.

Which means as long as you’ve got links around to your different social media accounts and back to your blog, people are going to find you. And if you start your social media username with your blog name then as people begin typing “bakebook” then they’ll see you as an option whether your “bakebooktweets” or “bakebookblog” or another variation.

Once you’ve got your focus, personality and name you’re ready to choose your next adventure.
You can create vital accounts you need to get started and create a solid foundation of support and privacy.

Or you can take your blog personality and transform it into a full brand.

If you’re not sure where to go next, jump back to the main tutorial page to see all eight steps to create a blog you’ll love!

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